- March 30, 2023

Slight design refresh focusing on minimalism and consistency. We are not there yet but I will invest time into building a proper design system so it's easier to implement new features whilst keeping the website design consistent

Themes: I have reworked all theme variables which took too long but It's worth it since we will now have more consistency and granular control for each theme. I redesigned the 4 existing ones and added 4 new ones. Revamped settings for picking theme.

Website will now automatically detect if new users prefer light or dark color scheme

Game details page now shows game metadata on the right sidebar instead of community posts (there is still work to do there).

There is now a button to scroll to the next screenshot instead of a scrollbar

Slightly redesigned reviews and adding reviews modal, optimizations for mobile

Games can now have long description (with markdown support) with max length of 5000 chars. Take a look at (the) Gnorp Apologue to see it in action.

Revamped the process of adding games so you can now go back to previous step or close the modal whilst keeping the state

Some backend changes and some preparation for future updates

- Lists and more
- March 5, 2023
  • create lists of games and share them with others, each list gives 20EXP

  • reviews can now be longer than 500 chars (3000) but anything longer will be hidden and you will have to click on 'show full review' button to see the rest

  • new tags: protoype & web-responsive

  • fixed editing reviews, you can now edit stars rating

  • you can now edit review directly from the game details page instead of going to your profile

  • random list of games on front page

- Big update
- January 30, 2024

This one has been cooking for a while. It took me longer than expected, but it’s finally here.

  • removed the entire concept of badges and replaced it with a new system with collectibles. You earn them in different ways and there are currently over 350 collectibles in total split into 4 types.Read more about collectibles in the FAQ page

  • Vastly improved profile customization. You can now build your unique avatar with different layers, pick different name badges, overlays etc.

Patreon integration:

  • We now have Patreon which gives you many benefits on this website as well as early access to my games (because we need to pay for servers)

  • After becoming a Patreon you just have to verify your status by clicking on 'connect Patreon' in the profile dropdown menu and you will instantly receive your benefits

  • You now have EXP multiplier and all EXP gains are multiplied by this. Patreons get 50% multiplier, prestige gives you 25%. Multipliers stack so you get 50% + 25% = 75% for being a patreon and prestige level 1.

  • Made it easier to earn EXP

  • Daily visits now give you 15 EXP, Reviews 15 EXP, Updates 10 EXP, Edits 5 EXP, Adding a game 20 EXP, being a Patreon 10 EXP each day (offline),

  • Offline EXP gains: you will get 2 EXP * your EXP multiplier for each vote a game you added receives, and 2 EXP * your EXP multiplier for each vote a review you posted receives

Prestige System implemented:

  • You can now prestige at level 100. I know that originally it was supposed to be at level 50 but since it's now easier to earn EXP and because of some future updates i have planned I decided to move to level 100. You will receive legendary collectibles and 25% exp multiplier but you will reset your total experience to 0 and you will lose your level collectibles

Other various changes:

  • Onboarding system for new users
  • New notifications types
  • Various backend changes
  • Various UI changes and fixes
  • Updated FAQ
  • There are two more level colors (red and orange)
- Small updates
- August 4, 2023

You can now reply to reviews - Now you have the chance to respond to reviews and have a discussion. Reviews now act like regular community posts so we can have nested comments Reviews now feature a star rating (1-5) - from now on you are required to also provide a star rating alongside your recommendation and written review (this is experimental - we’ll see how it goes) Latest reviews are now visible in the sidebar - in the home and community tab you can see a list of latest reviews with game name and user info You will receive notifications when someone replies to your review or community post, votes on your review or community post Small changes and fixes to UI

- Small updates
- August 4, 2023
  • Both downvotes and upvotes are now shown in all vote components by default. (games, reviews, comments, posts). This will probably be a setting in the future but I want to see if it has any effect on user interactions.
- Small updates
- August 4, 2023
  • you can now sort games by recently updated
    • reworked sorting to be more like reddit where you pick the default sort and then time (month, all time, week) from another dropdown
- Slight home page redesign
- July 21, 2023
  • removed text from filters bar
    • side button is visible only on hover
- Vote on revies, game details redesign
- July 20, 2023
  • you can now vote on reviews (more changes coming soon)
    • redesigned Game details page
    • instead of having a banner image we now have a more modern frosted glass effect generated from the banner or logo image with screenshots right at top
    • game links are now bigger and have an appropriate icon
    • game tags are now categorized
    • development stage tags now have icons and accent color (for ea and abandoned games)
    • redesigned reviews to have a more clear stats component with background color
- Feedback needed posts
- June 26, 2023

Do you need feedback and exposure for your game? Post it with our new feedback needed post type and get feedback from the community!

- Discussions & Game Discussions
- June 24, 2023
Discussions - Reddit-like posts with nested comments and voting system to discuss anything related to games since we don’t know if reddit will be back
Game Discussions - Similar to discussions but tied to one game. Discussion will appear in the game details page and you will be easily able to see all discussions about that game
Design & themes refined -  Light theme should look a lot better now. Still not perfect but the design is getting polished with each update
- Website redesign
- June 21, 2023

Bringing you first part of our website redesign! Not a huge change but we are moving away from the initial mobile-first design to a more refined desktop design which will help us improve the overall desktop experience in the near future.. Mobile version is staying the same for now. More updates coming soon!

- Json updates
- June 12, 2023

Developers can now automatically add updates by providing a link to a JSON file containing game updates on their site. We will scrape the site daily and automatically add new updates to the database. Read more here: https://www.incrementaldb.com/json-updates

- Monthly rewards
- June 12, 2023

Introducing Monthly awards - another part of the community tab where we look back at the previous month and show top games, users and stats for that month based on site data. This is an experimental feature for now so let me know if you like and what should be changed! I have included posts for march, april, and may since march is the month we launched the website.



- Auto Steam updates
- June 11, 2023

If a game is on Steam future updates will be automatically scraped from steam and added to our database

- Updates tab
- May 30, 2023
  • Blocking games - you can now block a game and you will not be able to see any updates from that game. This is only for updates but will be implemented site-wide soon after some testing. Block a game by clicking an update and then ‘block game’ button. You can unblock games at the top of the updates tab by clicking on the blocked games button

  • Increased maximum update length to 8000 from 1000 characters so you don’t have to split updates into parts

  • Fixed white-space formatting for updates

- Community interviews
- May 30, 2023

I am very excited to announce the first part of our community tab - interviews with developers of incremental games! Our goal with these interview segments is to promote indie developers and their games - and to give our readers a glimpse into the creation of the games we have all come to love

Our first subject is Maticolotto - creator of the game Magic Research which was well received in the community. Find out more about the developer, gain insight into his creative process and the road to crafting a great game

The interview is done by our member @scopaf so big props to him for doing this! As I said, this is only the first part of the community tab, there is more to come so stayed tuned! And don't forget to leave a like or a comment on the post with your feedback. Thanks for reading!