Crazy Traffic from this site

Thank you for adding Isekai Reboot to the site. It's crazy to see but the traffic from this site is more or less matching all other traffic! Almost 700 of you have checked out the game from here.

I appreciate the comments and feedback I've gotten so far. There is a big update in the works that should add a lot more interesting features to the game. The initial launch was just for me to get used to the engine, make sure all basic features worked (especially on export) and to see if there was even a glimmer of interest. It seems that people find the game 'interesting' but without substance, which is completely understandable given it was launched in such an early state.

Being that it's a prototype I'll be adding and maybe even removing things, I've even considered completely changing elements of it so if you play it now, there's a good chance you will lose progress between big updates!

Thank you again to everyone who has come to check out the game and I hope you'll come back on the next update! :)

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