Game Maker Simulator review

The only thing you need to manage on the screen is finding a position where one of the options and the "push forward" button stacks, then spam click that position. That's it, there's your "game".

Jokes aside, this is more of a presentation of an idea more than a game. You don't need strategy, currency, or anything, really. You only need to click.. anything, and you'll "win". It has a good idea, but couldn't come up with ANY balancing to go with it. By ANY, I mean you can win in a management game by not managing at all. Stats? Who cares? Just click something. The only thing saving this from a one star is that at least it's trying to be unique, and it shows.

All of that, and this interactive presentation isn't "idle", "clicker" or even "incremental". If your qualification of incremental is that numbers go up, then most games are incremental. But this clickable picture is just a broken strategy game with no strategy, and doesn't base progression on incremental numbers.

Oh, and this is one of the """games""" with the "game jam" tag, so I can understand why this might be rushed, but to call this a game is possibly fraudulent.

Stay away from this moving textbox.. for now. Go play a proper game dev simulator (paid, on steam) for a change or something.

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