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about 2 months ago
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Why Patreon (longer version)

Back when I started this project almost a year ago (that flew by fast) I did not really go in with any expectations. I just wanted to learn some new technologies, improve my design & development skills, ship something out in the public and have fun while doing it. Posting something to the public is really scary and I debated whether or not I should scrap the entire thing and just move on but in the end I decided to post about it on our beloved r/incremental_games subreddit.

I was so nervous about the feedback I would receive or if anyone would even bother checking it out.. but to my surprise it went incredibly well. The feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive and most importantly, people enjoyed using the website and even though things were not perfect they saw the potential and that gave me a lot of motivation to keep the project alive and to keep working at it. Over the coming months I've listened to the feedback, implemented new features, fixed bugs and shipped improvements all around..

The website kept growing and we come to the first reason of why I'm starting a Patreon.. I can't afford to pay for servers/database anymore. I don't serve ads, I don't sell your data and it seems that Patreon is pretty much the only way we can keep this project alive. I know it's hard to justify paying for just this website so I am trying to include as many benefits as I can to give you maximum possible value for your monthly $3 support.

In October 2023, around six months after the initial release, I felt a bit burnt out and decided to start working on a game.. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, it's still in early stages, and I really want to dedicate more time to it and having some steady patreon income would enable me to do just that. I also want to dedicate more time to incrementaldb since I have over 30 features and many many improvements and fixes planned for the future.

Why Patreon (TLDR)

  • I can't afford to pay for servers anymore. I don't serve ads and don't sell your data so relying on the community seems like the only way to keep this project alive.
  • I want to dedicate more time to incrementaldb. I want to make it bigger and better. I have many features and improvements planned.
  • I want to dedicate more time to my incremental game 'After us' and gift it to all Patreon supporters. I also want to make more games in the future.

What do you get?

benefit icon
Premium incrementaldb account
This includes: 50% exp multiplier, daily exp bonus (offline), exclusive animated legendary collectibles
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Early access to my future games
My first game 'After us' is still in heavy development and demo is expected in April 2024
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Full access to my future games
You will get full access to my future games after release
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Regular updates & transparency on progress
Updates on progress every 2-4 weeks, regular idb updates
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Patron Discord role
Special role on discord
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Patron-only voting power
Is there a feature you would like to see? It will get bumped up and implemented faster
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End game credits
Your name will be included in the game end credits and on incrementaldb

I am trying to include as many benefits as possible to provide you with the maximum value for your $3 monthly support

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After you become a patreon you will immediately receive your premium incrementaldb account. You just have to connect your patreon account by clicking here or by clicking on your avatar and then Connect Patreon button.

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