incrementaldb 0.27 update
council, edits and fixes
3 days ago
5 min read
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Hi everyone! 0.27 update is here:


  • council: council members decide which games get accepted to the website. If you want to help out contact @dwighty on discord for access.
  • checking for duplicates - when adding a game server will check for possible duplicates. There will be a red box above name if it did find duplicates.
  • release dates for games - when adding a game you can set a release date
  • you can send edit requests for release date
  • you can send edit requests for game name/title
  • council: you can now hide games you voted on
  • council: mods can now accept/deny edit requests. Logs included


  • fixed updates being shown for unconfirmed games
  • fixed direct link to update returning 500 error
  • fixed cancel buttons not working for editing game
  • fixed name badge not showing correct tooltip
  • reworked reviews on user profiles to feature votes and star rating

Thank you for your support!


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