incrementaldb 0.25 update
New update brings leaderboards, automatic game scraper, community changes & more
10 days ago
5 min read
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What is new

  • Alongside reviews you can now add and see comments/discussions through game details page (below reviews there is a new section)
  • Reviews now show up in the community tab. This will make it easier to interact with the community.
  • Each review can now be accessed directly with a link. When you click on a review in the sidebar it will take you directly to that review post. example
  • New game list: Unconfirmed games. These are games which have not been accepted to the website yet. Your vote helps us determine whether or not they should be confirmed and therefore appear in all lists and search results. Select it from the home page.
  • Leaderboards - first version of user leaderboards features top 25 user lists in 8 categories. This will be improved in future updates with monthly leaderboards and other changes. Updates once per day. Visit /leaderboards
  • Your last avatar is now saved (locally) so you can make small changes more easily.
  • Automatic game scraper - Provide a game link and the system will try to automatically gather any information and upload images for the game. This is still experimental/beta feature. It works pretty well for steam, itch, gplay and apple store links. It uses different scraping methods and AI to gather info. Try it by clicking on plus icon in the top right => Add a game or go to /scrape-game
  • Patreon list in community sidebar
  • small UI fixes

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