incrementaldb 0.26 update
New update improves search and filtering
28 days ago
5 min read
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What is new

This update mainly focuses on improved search and filtering options.


  • Search is now directly accessible with a link /search
  • Search results can now be shared with a link latest games for iOS
  • Filter by game description
  • Filter based on votes: games you voted on, games you did not vote on, games you upvoted and games you downvoted
  • Filter based on link type: for example return only games with steam link
  • Exclude tags / filter out games with tags: You can now exclude games with selected tags. Useful mainly for filtering out roblox or prototype games


  • You can now also filter out games you voted on from all lists and exclude games with tags


  • You can now filter out updates based on game tags. For example you can only see iOS updates.
  • You can also show updates from favorite games


  • Filter posts by type

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